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Subject: Re: [dita-learningspec] problem w/ learningMap

Hi Chuck -

First, your learningGroup - learningObject structure looks fine to me.

>>For some reason learningGroup doesn't seem to be
available where I'd expect to find it under "map". I'm working with this using Oxygen 9.3 Enterprise.

Yes, I just verified this with the most recent xsd learningmap in Oxygen, too.

I just checked with Eric Sirois, and he reports that he had already noticed this issue and has a fix ready in a new set of xsd's, which he'll make available as another response to this post later today.

I made these interim changes to my xsd files, which gets them working for me:

1) Added the following to learningMapGrp.xsd:

         <xs:group name="learningObject">
            <xs:element ref="learningObject" />

2) In learningMapDomain.xsl, added learningGroup to learningmap-d-topicref and removed learningmap-d-group:

     <xs:group name="learningmap-d-topicref">
               <xs:element ref="learningGroup" />
               <xs:element ref="learningObject" />

3) Also, be sure to update the Oxygen XML Catalog Preferences to include the catalog-dita.xml in the DITA-OT1.5 folder.  And double-check that the catalog-dita.xml group based entries point to the location with the xsd's you want to use.

4) Your xsd learning map needs to include references to the schema that work with the catalog entries:

<map id="testlearningContent" xml:lang="en-us"

I updated the sample content zip with a xsd stubs for maps and topics and a new readme - http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/32666/dita12learningsamples.zip%3Cbr%20/%3E.

I was also able to use Oxygen with the 1.2 DTD's, and there the learningGroup appears to be defined and working as expected.

I hope that gets it mostly straight.

John Hunt
Chair, OASIS DITA Learning and Training content sub-committee

Structured Content Architect / Lotus Information Development Center
IBM Software Group/Lotus Software
phone: 617.245.8053; t/l 268.9401

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