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Subject: Notes and discussion topics from today's meeting

We talked about status for the scenario work:

Software industry
        Scott, Stan, Adrian and myself to meet and discuss last week in November/first week December
Medical content
        Kris  should be ready to review after American Thanksgiving
Educational publishing
        John will investigate and provide status next meeting

And we talked about the draft doctypes I uploaded, including topic-level metadata options, and authoring for HTML5:

Metadata options

If we add othermeta, it requires a <metadata> wrapper inside <prolog> - which will be an essentially useless wrapper.

1 keep the useless wrapper, and take a usability hit for XML authoring
2 eliminate the useless wrapper, and require a transform to/from full DITA instead of direct processing
3 forget <othermeta> and use <data> instead - will provide a more complete model, is allowed directly in prolog, but would require specific processing to pass through to HTML output appropriately

I think I'm in favour of option 3, at least this minute :-)

HTML5 authoring
We talked about whether we needed a schema for the HTML5 representation of lightweight DITA.

We discussed who would benefit from an XML representation of HTML5, what it would look like, etc. and decided that actually a constrained XHTML5/HDITA schema could be useful especially for authoring systems that wanted to provide validatable authoring that provides lightweight DITA compatibility while remaining aligned with the HTML5 representation.

Tradeoffs in lightweight DITA
Looking for more email discussion on what the doctypes currently provide - table model restrictions (no colspan), missing elements (no fig, no note), etc.

Michael Priestley, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM)
Enterprise Content Technology Strategist

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