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dita-lightweight-dita message

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Subject: Rough minutes from meeting today


- status of industry design work (scenarios/personas/content analysis for sw dev, machine industries, education, medical)
- discussion of conference experiences (tcworld/tekom, DITA Europe, DITA-OT day)
- welcome for new members
- where/how to share code - github, anyone?

industry design work  - status
        sw dev - will send email        asking for interest/availability this week
        machine industries work on hold
                sissi closs to join sc, focus will be on this area along with jang
        medical - check after thanskgiving
        education - background discussions continuing - progress report again next time


discussed conference experiences
        machine industry moving towards dita
        major cms vendors starting to add dita support
        strong interest in markdown mappings at dita europe
        more people joining sc/tc
        jang: need to consider relationship to other standards in germany eg pi-mod - will add as part of to machine industry analysis
        dita europe attendance up by about 50% - combination of of tcworld/dita-ot may have helped
        dita-ot day had ca. 95 in person, ca. 40 online

personas - we need to include external clients and tool vendors, not just content development roles

jan benedictus/fonto introduction
        focus on sme contribution
        how to attract smes to conferences?
        concept of lw dita focus on beginners very interesting
jang - maybe instead of trying to attract them to our conferences, bring our views to their conferences/tradeshows

where to put dtds
        kris: they should go in oasis svn, that should be official location
                but can go in github as well, as non-normative copy
        kris can help with svn side
        mark can help with github side

mark - sees potential connection with web components - will post examples to list

jang - would be interested in moving to rng for lw dita schemas, and also to generating schemas from example documents
michael - current thought is on a specialization document type that allows specification of the required elements/model for a specialization
        - could be generated in its own right from example documents, but don't want to require an example analysis process for getting lw dita specializations

Talk to you all again in two weeks!

Michael Priestley, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM)
Enterprise Content Technology Strategist

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