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Subject: LW DITA use cases for learning, training, and education

Dear LW DITA and DITA L&T sub-committees -

Here's an initial set of use cases for Lightweight DITA, targeted at various user groups in learning, training, and education.

These are based on background work I've been doing over the past several years related to both US K-12 education and corporate training. I've recently had a few specific discussions, but mostly these are a starting-point take to initiate feedback and further discussion on the potential value of a lightweight DITA solution for education.

Please review, add comments, suggest additional user groups, ask questions - the more inputs and discussion at this point, the better.

I'm cross-posting to the DITA Learning and Training SC list - if lightweight authoring is a topic of interest for you, then please consider joining in the work of the LW DITA SC.


John Hunt, IBM

An initial set of user groups and outline use cases for Lightweight DITA and Learning, Training, and Education

1) Grade K-5 teacher
2) Grade 6-8 and HS teacher
3) University professor / instructor
4) Textbook author
5) Textbook publisher
6) Online course contributor (MOOC or LMS)
7) Curriculum director
8) HS student
9) Primary school student
10) Online course student
11) Corporate training
1) Grade K-5 teacher
 * Easy templates. Simple editing - paragraphs, lists, simple tables.
 * Built-in sections to list objectives, map to standards
 * Easy to create quizzes and other learning checkpoints
 * May need to embed graphics, videos, other multimedia, including from Ppt or Doc content
 * May create simple graphics directly inline
 * Basic math support - (not sure if this means mathML)
 * Editing just like MS Word - ideally, can embed word, ppt as needed
2) Grade 6-8, HS teacher
 * Same as above
 * Easy to create ppt's for use in classroom
 * Anything different about a HS teacher?
3) University professor / instructor
 * Same as above
 * Definitely need ease of creating ppt's (or equivalent) for use in classroom
 * Easy to generate content to publish in websites and epubs
 * Can seed content to student forums - so that students can easily add new content and comments, etc.
4) Textbook author
 * Require all the ease of Word, but with built-in template support for the specific textbook publisher

5) Textbook publisher
 * Collect contribution from diverse authors and merge into new deliverables
 * Generate many different outputs - websites, interactive epubs, pdf, etc.
6) Online course contributor (for a MOOC, for example)
 * Simple templates, tightly matched to delivery format(s) in use for the course
 * Need to create content and see how it will look when delivered
 * Need clear guidelines for small sections, with objectives, guidelines, quizzes, etc.
 * Good methods for collecting references out to support resources
 * Open for comments and student contributions

7) Curriculum director for K-12 school
 * Creates curriculum frameworks and overall objectives
 * Simple templates, matched to design of curriculum standards
 * Easy references to other standards (such as US Common Core, state frameworks)
 * May also create top-level lesson plans
 * May include example lesson plans
 * Jumping off point for teachers to create lesson plans and content

8) HS student
 * Dead simple to use - must be like Google
 * Requires browser and mobile support
 * May need specific forms for samples, exercises used in homework
 * Also support for quizzes or other checkpoints used in homework
 * Includes references to additional materials for remediation, additional practice, or more advanced content

9) Primary school student
 * (One SME suggests primary target of "Make it so a Grade 1 student can use it!")
 * Most basic authoring possible - can use on a variety of devices, including pad + touchscreen
 * Just point, type, fill in the blanks
 * Anticipates / detects problems and provides guidance as needed

10) Online course student
 * Anything different than HS student?

11) Corporate training curriculum developer / SME
 * Needs to integrate well with professionally-produced content
 * Support for multiple forms of output
 * Easy to use templates that match the corporate training templates
 * Easy to pull in content from Word and PPT as needed
 * Easily identified objectives, with supporting quizzes
 * Requires output to a PPT (or ppt-like) format for classroom or online delivery
 * Integration into corporate LMS training solution

Looking forward to your feedback and discussion at the next LW DITA meeting.

John Hunt

Senior Technical Content Architect
IBM Collaboration Solutions | User Experience: Design and Information Excellence
4205 S. Miami Blvd, Durham, NC 27703

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