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Subject: Minutes from Feb 9th 2015

My notes are pretty minimal - apologies, and I promise to remember to ask for volunteers next time!

I have several todos below, none of which I have been able to accomplish in the last two weeks. Again I apologize, and I aim to do better in the next two.

My notes from last meeting:

Status review for industry focus areas:
learning and training - john, amber, scott, birgit
        use cases - 4 categories
                public school education - us k-12
                higher education - very interested in more input from professors on call - carlos interested
                corporate training
                educational publishing                
machine industries - sissi, jang
        jang has to focus on paying work at the moment
        sissi willing to continue work - michael p to meet with her and review past work, next steps
software development - me, stan doherty, others on specific streams
        use cases - 3 categories
                technical writer and developer collaboration - (focus on api documentation, agile development requirements) - carlos interested in this stream
                upstream requirements and specifications - including traceability of requirements to content - aaron interested in this stream
                technical writer and support collaboration - amber interested in this stream assuming it starts later in year
                        look for intel presentation on this at dita north america conference
marketing and ecommerce (new, split off from software development
        noz, me, don day, amber for first mtg
        michael p to set up mtg with them to follow on
Discussion of lightweight DITA mappings
        markdown mapping in progress
        need for json mapping?

easydita has "better web help" project on github that uses json/html5 mapping for dita
don has conversion as part of expedita
problems: json doesn't have representation of attributes on elements
don developed a partial transform to json for citrix's interactive training - included titles, shortdesc, etc.but not full content
there are json-based databases out there, including ones used for dita storage - again, easydita?

Mappings we are likely to need (to/from lightweight dita):

Goal is to share tables as dita documents for now

Additional discussion
don would like marketing examples from within ibm
        michael p to explore
        consider companies at virginia tech for pilots of lightweight dita
        can put out rfp essentially for them to respond
        as part of training for them to develop their docs etc.

Michael Priestley, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM)
Enterprise Content Technology Strategist

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