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dita-lightweight-dita message

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Subject: Getting up to speed with developments

Hello all,

I have been completely tied up in a project with weekly meetings coinciding with the Lightweight DITA meetings and no time to spare. As that project is reaching closure this week, I can devote more attention to the Lightweight DITA developments again. 

But getting an overview of what has happened in the past is not as easy as I would have expected it to be: there does not seem to be a central point where the current status exists. It might be in one of the many e-mails, but I don't thing digging through all the e-mails of the past year or so is a good way to spend my time. Is there a location where the current status is shown? It might be outside of Oasis, but I cannot find a pointer so far.

Hope to become active in this group as of next meeting. Would be nice to be up to speed before that.



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