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Subject: MDITA "spec" and status

Dear Michael and subcommittee friends,

In preparation for Monday’s call, please take a look at we have related to MDITA (MarkDITA, as it was called in 2015). Our recent Twitter exchange with Mark Baker prompted me to collect some information, which I try to present here.
- First, we have our original XDITA to MDITA mappings. This started in 2014 when Michael first published the XDITA+HDITA blog post, and I had a conference call with him and Jenifer Schlodfelt (before the subcommittee existed). I added stuff to the mappings when Jarno was working on his Markdown plug-in, and I uploaded what we currently have to our fancy OASIS Open repo for the SC: https://github.com/oasis-open/dita-lightweight/tree/master/MDITA
- And here’s Jarno’s own version of the mappings as they work on his Markdown plugin: https://github.com/jelovirt/dita-ot-markdown/wiki/Syntax-reference
- For more Markdown-DITA information, here’s the Bluemix documentation (I like what they did for troubleshooting and other notes): https://github.com/IBM-Bluemix/docs
- And this is a recent post from Jenifer explaining the Bluemix authoring process (similar to what she said in her session at the DITA NA conference in April; notice, however, that this post does not mention DITA at all): https://developer.ibm.com/open/2016/06/08/how-we-use-markdown-to-edit-bluemix-documentation/

So… I hope in the call we can spend some time talking about MDITA and what needs to be done with it.



Carlos Evia, Ph.D.
Director of Professional and Technical Writing
Associate Professor of Technical Communication
Department of English
Center for Human-Computer Interaction
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0112

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