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Subject: Re: [dita-lightweight-dita] Question coming up w.r. conref on phrase level

Hi Jan,

I can confirm that currently in the DTDs you can't use a conref on a <ph> tag.

I do see a keyref attribute on <ph> and other elements, but there is no way to create a key to use with it. We can discuss this in the meeting also, I don't know if it's an oversight.

Mark Giffin
Mark Giffin Consulting, Inc.

On 8/19/2016 7:27 AM, Jan Benedictus wrote:
Hi all,

My colleagues working on the Marketing specialisation indicate that they do not see a way to conref on the Phrase level.

We would like to use something like that, for instance to ensure consistency in Product-names etc.

Is our observations right that this feature isn t in LW DITA (yet?)

lets discuss on Monday


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