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Subject: template approach for specialization

Hi Michael,

At the last LW call Jan has presented the LW marketing specialization we are working on. One comment/question was:

- We might not have used the correct specialization mechanism. LW DITA supports the template-based specialization, we did it the “old way”. 

And for sure, we didn’t used the template approach.

Now, I have read again all mails about the template approach and I thing I understand it more or less. I could make a template like the one in http://markmail.org/message/pd4u5kfg44xp5x5c but I am wondering how I can get/generate the DTD or better XSD from this. Do I need a special tool and/or scripts?

And yes, I do wonder if the template approach really is much easier than the “old way” as used in standard DITA. Maybe an advantage is that the specialization will not become more complex than the basic topic and elements.

Kind regards, Birgit







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