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dita-lightweight-dita message

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Subject: [dita-lightweight-dita] marketing template new approach



After we have talked about our marketing template some weeks ago, I have changed some things and add some more definitions. You will find the new/second approach attached.

I am not sure if I am allowed to set this in our github. Who can do this, who is allowed to do this?


I haven’t tried to generate a DTD or XSD yet with the scripts form Tim. He has told me that they are nearly finished but not already. That’s why.


Next Monday I can call in. @Michael, maybe you can put marketing on the agenda for Monday?


Kind  regards, Birgit






<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<topic id="mk02" outputclass="marketingtopic">
            <ph outputclass="brand"/>
            <ph outputclass="category"/>
            <ph outputclass="product"/>
            <ph outputclass="company"/>
    <body outputclass="marketingbody">


        <section outputclass="marketingsection" specmodel="choice">
            <dl outputclass="features">
                <dlentry outputclass="feature" specmodel="sequence">
                    <dt outputclass="featureterm"/>
                    <dd outputclass="featuredef"/>
            <dl outputclass="specifications">
                <dlentry outputclass="specification" specmodel="sequence">
                    <dt outputclass="specifiedterm"/>
                    <dd outputclass="specifieddesc"/>
            <ul outputclass="highlights">
                <li outputclass="highlight"/>
            <p outputclass="action">
                <xref outputclass="actionref"/>
            <fig outputclass="quote">
                <xref outputclass="quoteref"/>

        <section outputclass="legalsection" specmodel="choice">
            <fig outputclass="disclaimer">...</fig>
            <p outputclass="copyright" specmodel="sequence">
                <ph outputclass="copyrightyear" important="optional"/>
                <ph outputclass="copyrightholder" important="optional"/>
            <fig outputclass="logo"><image/></fig>
        <section outputclass="contact" specmodel="sequence">
            <p outputclass="company" important="optional">...</p>
            <p outputclass="contactperson" important="optional">...</p>
            <p outputclass="address" important="optional">...</p>
            <p outputclass="phonenumber" important="optional">...</p>
            <p outputclass="email" important="optional">...</p>
            <p outputclass="website" important="optional">...</p>
            <p outputclass="addinfo" important="optional">...</p>


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