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Subject: Re: [dita-lightweight-dita] Minutes of the OASIS Lightweight DITA SC for Monday, 17 October 2016

Great job! Thanks, Keith.

I'd like to ask for one correction:

Current: "Kris registered misgivings, saying that this approach swaps one level of complexity (i.e. creating specializations) by adding new elements for the new template types."

Suggested revision: "Kris registered misgivings, saying that this approach swaps one level of complexity (creating specializations) for the potential complexity of having an infinite number of different specialized elements for the same semantic."


Kristen James Eberlein
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
+1 919 682-2290; kriseberlein (skype)

On 10/30/2016 10:02 PM, Keith Schengili-Roberts wrote:
Minutes of the OASIS Lightweight DITA SC
Monday, 17 October 2016
Recorded by Keith Schengili-Roberts

In attendance: Stanley Doherty, Kristen Eberlein, Carlos Evia, Mark Giffin, Scott Hudson, John Hunt, Jonathan Piasecki, Michael Priestley, Keith Schengili-Roberts, Birgit Strackenbrock
Regrets: Rahel Bailie, Tim Grantham

== Status Updates ==
Reporting on the discussions relating to how sub-committees should work with the parent committee Kris said that the TC has had interesting discussions on this topic and are continuing to revise a topic relating to the interactions between the two groups.

Tim was not present, so no report on LwDITA schema generation from templates.

Carlos was hoping to have a meeting with Kris to further examine the template he drafted for the LwDITA specification. A power outage prevented the original meeting time from happening; plan is for it to be rescheduled prior to next SC meeting.

== Marketing Specialization Discussion ==
Marketing specialization template draft devised by Birgit, and was circulated to the group the previous week for review/discussion for this meeting.

Some highlights of draft marketing template:
- in the draft, topic element specialized to become marketingtopic
- specmeta element is the parent of four elements specialized from ph: brand, category, product and company
- body element specialized to marketingbody
- section element specialized to marketingsection, which can contain any sequence of: features, specifications (both specialized from dl), highlights (specialized from ul), action (specialized from p) and quote (specialized from fig). 
- another section element specialization called legalsection, which can contain a disclaimer (specialized from fig), copyright (specialized from p), plus copyrightyear and copyrightholder (specialized from ph)
- a third section element specialization called contact, containing company, contactperson, address, phonenumber, email, website and addinfo elements (all specialized from p)

Michael commented that if we were working in full DITA the sections defined in the draft template would actually be using sectiondiv element instead, but this would introduce another layer that LwDITA currently does not implement. One possible solution for this that Michael pointed out was that if you have a specialization model where inherit is used and you have specialized elements inside it, it would inherit the parent model but replace any base instances with the specialized instances. 

Kris asked if someone from the SC could talk about this example template at the next TC meeting to show were the SC is going with the template approach. Mark volunteered to do this, and Kris said she would add the item to the TC agenda. Birgit mentioned that she had made some minor changes to the template based on initial feedback, and promised to pass them along to Mark.

Responding to a query from Kris relating to section-level specialization, Michael responded that that idea of section-only specialization had been dropped a while ago. This is covered in his DITA North America 2016 presentation. Since specializing regular DITA is not an easy thing to do, the LwDITA approach is instead to create templates for what otherwise might be candidates for specialization (the marketing template being a good example of this). Kris registered misgivings, saying that this approach swaps one level of complexity (i.e. creating specializations) by adding new elements for the new template types. Mark pointed out that this approach is fundamentally different from regular DITA, and may be a consideration for DITA 2.0.

== Authoring a Committee Note about LwDITA ==
Kris asked the SC to think about authoring a committee note about the need for LwDITA, what elements are involved, tooling support, audiences, etc. She thought that this would be less onerous than drafting a full specification, and that it would be good practice prior to drafting a full specialization.

Carlos agreed to lead effort the effort on this starting in early November, along with help from Keith.

== LwDITA Schedule for 2017 ==
Kris also asked if a straw-man schedule for LwDITA's milestones for 2017 could be assembled. Michael agreed that this would be a good idea, commenting that once the SC has worked out bugs from Tim's draft DTD we have the foundation necessary to begin pulling together a draft specification.

== Preliminary Results from LwDITA Poll ==
In response to the ongoing discussion relating to specialization, Carlos reported that the responses to the question "What is the main feature of LwDITA that you are excited about?" the responses are currently:
- 80% simplified XML authoring
- 64% cross-silo content sharing
- 60% HTML5 authoring
- 48% Markdown authoring
- 20% easier specialization

Michael explained the relatively low rates for specialization to the fact that it is hard to do in regular DITA, and therefore its benefits are not top of mind with those who are polled.

Carlos plans to share the full results from the poll with the community later this week.

== DTDs to RNGs? ==
Since Tim has redone the LwDITA DTDs over into RNG, Mark suggested that we move the official work over to RNG. Michael liked idea, suggested we get a second set of eyes to review Tim's efforts. Mark said he would get in touch with Eliot Kimber about this.

Meeting concluded at 2:01pm EST.


Keith Schengili-Roberts
Market Researcher and DITA Evangelist
825 Querbes, Suite 200, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2V 3X1
tel  + 1 514 279-4942  /  toll free + 1 877 279-4942 

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