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Subject: RE: [dita-lightweight-dita] templae specialization, some remarks

Birgit’s marketing example is a good one for testing the template tool. I will post a response and an update to the tool to address the issues next week.






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Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 8:12 AM
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Subject: Fw: [dita-lightweight-dita] templae specialization, some remarks


Michael Priestley, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM)
Enterprise Content Technology Strategist

----- Forwarded by Michael Priestley/Toronto/IBM on 11/30/2016 08:11 AM -----

From:        xstructuring02 <xstructuring02@server48.firstfind.nl>
To:        Michael Priestley/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
Cc:        FontoXML - Jan Benedictus <jan.benedictus@fontoxml.com>
Date:        11/29/2016 02:17 AM
Subject:        Fwd: [dita-lightweight-dita] templae specialization, some remarks

Dear Michael,

Untortunately, this mail come back. It seems that I am not allowed to send a mail to the whole group.

Can you please forward it? Maybe it is not relevant anymore after the call yesterday, but maybe well.

Kind regards, Birgit



-------- Oorspronkelijke bericht --------


[dita-lightweight-dita] templae specialization, some remarks


27-11-2016 11:45


xstructuring02 <xstructuring02@server48.firstfind.nl>




Hello Tim and all,

I have tried to generate a RNG from my marketing-template. This was no problem and I have got a RNG. After I got the RNG I have treid to generate a XSD from it (using Oxygen). The XSD I get is not valide. This depends on some problems.

First: In the RNG stands:

<start combine="choice">
<element name="marketingtopic">
   <attribute name="class" a:defaultValue="/marketingtopic "/>
<ref name="topic.attributes"/>
<ref name="topic.content"/>
<ref name="title"/>
<element name="prolog">
<ref name="prolog.attlist"/>
<element name="marketingbody">...

There shouldn't stand a <ref name="topic.content"/> because this make that you get twice the element title and prolog etc. I put this ref in a XML commetn before generating the XSD.

After generating the XSD I get error-messages about the elements I have specialized on <p> and <xref>.

E.g. in my template I have:

<p outputclass="action" important="optional">
<xref outputclass="actionref"/>

This become in the RNG

<element name="action">
   <attribute name="class" a:defaultValue="/action "/>
 <ref name="p.attributes"/>
 <ref name="p.content"/>
 <element name="actionref">
     <attribute name="class" a:defaultValue="/actionref "/>
 <ref name="xref.attributes"/>
 <ref name="xref.content"/>

This looks ok, but in the XSD it went wrong and I get the message that "E [Xerces] cos-nonambig: image and image (or elements from their substitution group) violate "Unique Particle Attribution". During validation against this schema, ambiguity would be created for those two particles."

Honestly, I am not sure if the RNG is wrong or that something went wrong during generating the XSD.

Another problem is that because I cannot define a choice group fort the specialization of section I get a required order even if I set important=”optional” for the child elements.


<section outputclass="marketingsection" important="optional"> <!-- specmodel="choice" -->
           <dl outputclass="features" important="optional">
               <dlentry outputclass="feature" specmodel="sequence">
                   <dt outputclass="featureterm"/>
                   <dd outputclass="featuredef"/>
           <dl outputclass="specifications" important="optional">
               <dlentry outputclass="specification" specmodel="sequence">
                   <dt outputclass="specifiedterm"/>
                   <dd outputclass="specifieddesc"/>
           <ul outputclass="highlights" important="optional">
               <li outputclass="highlight"/>
           <p outputclass="action" important="optional">
               <xref outputclass="actionref"/>
           <fig outputclass="quote" important="optional">
               <xref outputclass="quoteref"/>

When I create a XML-document with the RNG I am not allowed to delete feature within the marketingsection. So we really have to think about how we can specialize elements which basic content model is a sequence of an element followed by de choice-group.

Attached you find the template, the RNG and the XSD.

Kind regards, Birgit



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