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dita-lightweight-dita message

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Subject: Regrets 9 Jan 2017 (and onwards) + implementation information

Hi all,


I continue to have challenges with the LW DITA SC meeting schedule (8 p.m. EET; I should be in several places at the same time. Less going on after early April). I will attend the meetings if the situation allows.


Our initial LW DITA implementation for CitecFemton (lightweight toolset for modular content creation) is about to be released as soon as the OT publishing is fine-tuned for the current layouts. According to the newest estimates, LW DITA will be in production use early February.


I’ve gathered and translated some feedback from the development in relation to the LwDITA Draft document, will send out shortly.


Best regards,



Ullakaisa Kalander
Information Architect, Information Services
Citec Oy Ab

P.O. Box 109
FI-65101 Vaasa
Mobile: +358 50 3828 192
E-mail: ullakaisa.kalander@citec.com


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