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Subject: Comments on Working Draft 03

Hi all -

Here's some comments from my afternoon read-through of the latest Lightweight DITA Working Draft 03 spec. 

pg 5 - Introduction
 * This could use a bit more. 
 * What are the major benefits of DITA? 
 * Which of those do you get with LwDITA? 
 * Which DITA benefits do you lose? 
 * What new benefits does LwDITA bring? 
 * What is it about LwDITA that eases adoption and implementation? (Do you get most of the benefits, but less of the cost, for example?)

pg 7 - Simplified structure
 * Maybe add a quick summary of why people want full DITA. 
 * But this comes with a cost - complexity.
 * LwDITA seeks to address this complexity, and it helps overcome some of the barriers to adoption that are faced by full DITA.

pg 10 - Stricter content model
 * I found myself wanting a bit more on what is a "stricter" content model. On the surface, I might think of "stricter" as more complicated, more unwieldy, but I take it that LwDITA is neither of those.
 * Does this "stricter" statement apply to MDITA as well?
 * Won't I run into browser display issues with the <li><p> ?

pg 11 - Subset of reuse mechanisms
 * Do these work across all three LwDITA variants?

pg 16 - 4.1.1 Audience
 * On "maintaining style sheets" I assume these are xsl, not css? Can this be recast more generally, as processing or rendering? 
 * I prefer <data name="author" value="Joe"/>

pg 18 - HDITA
 * But won't the HTML authoring tools need to be adjusted / tuned for HDITA?
 * And Markdown too?


John Hunt, IBM

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