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Subject: Metadata & block elements

Dear subcommittee members,


Do you know why the <data> element is not allowed for all block elements?


You can add metadata for <p>, <pre> and <fig>, but not for <simpletable> or <ol>, just to name a few examples.


Furthermore, you can add <data> in inline elements like <ph> but not directly in upper level elements like <li> or <strow>.


We have come across the need to add e.g. product or market area information for the content, but the most obvious way to do that is not supported for all content.


Is there actually any reason to limit inserting metadata the same way as the content?


Best regards,





Ullakaisa Kalander
Information Architect, Information Services
Citec Oy Ab

P.O. Box 109
FI-65101 Vaasa
Mobile: +358 50 3828 192
www.citec.com cid:image003.jpg@01D291AF.B3CBD4F0

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