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Subject: Minutes from 2017-02-20 LW DITA meeting

Fellow committee members, I made the mistake of leaving the clean-up of my notes too long, and now have limited recall to supplement the notes I took. Please look these over carefully for an errors or omissions.


Michael Priestley

Jan Benedictus

Don Day

Kris Eberlein

Carlos Evia

Mark Giffin

Tim Grantham

Alan Houser

John Hunt

Rahel Bailie 


The committee welcomed Alan Houser as an individual member.


Motion to approve minutes of previous meeting:

Moved by Michael Priestley.

Seconded by John Hunt.


Revise timeline and activity for release and specification of draft

The draft outline is under review, particularly around "note".

The fn and fnref specializations are outstanding.

Michael Priestley will locate information that outlines the explicit approved design.


Update about the transform

Tim Grantham commented that development is pending discussion from other areas to be resolved - for example, the specroll attribute.

More work needs to be done on the template transform to the DTD.

Specname was being specialized from base.


Discussion about spectitle

Don Day queries a use for spectitle. Spectitle is available on section, and could be in trouble with output class. Spectitle is available on multiple elements but not on every element needed.

The semantics are also different. Spectitle intended for specialised sections with a generated title.


Discussion about domain testing

Jan Benedictus will check with Birgit Strackenbrock, as no changes seem to have happened on the testing side of the specialization.


Learning and training specialization

John Hunt was asked whether he had looked at how to write up the LW learning and topic types. John will revisit and get a note out before next call.


Specialization and web service setup

Neither specialization nor web service setup made the cut.

They are with Tim Grantham, who has not made any information available.

Don Day has an instance running on Expedita, using previous version of Tim's transform.

Don is unable to re-integrate it into an authoring environment for anyone to use. As a result, he will not be setting it up because there is no capable editor set up for it.


Committee note workstream

Carlos Evia has created an outline.


Element description

Carlos Evia has a skeleton of what the spec will look like. He stopped developing it until the committee note is ready.


Kris Eberlein says that the Technical Committee is ready to start work on the design of the spec. The subcommittee needs to get a draft ready of the LW DITA design. Work on the spec comes after that.


Complete committee note for topic spec for XML

Carlos Evia has questions about the committee note and about maps. He needs to know what maps are expected to do and how they're simplified from full DITA. Content is needed to test this.


How to map fn to DITA.

Will fnref be a domain? It is an xref with domain specfialization.


There needs to be a topic of introducing fnref as part of the design, as a separate topic to cover fnref.


Map specification

Specialization for maps is going into a separate work stream.

The committee wants to set it up as web review before going to the committee.

When should a review of the design document be done for the subcommittee? Aim for Mar 6, by the next subcommittee meeting.


There is great value in having map and topic being part of the release.

This could be cut to enable a smaller release.

It would be helpful if map could be represented in an authoring format.

It was suggested that Carlos Evia seed the draft with concerns and get feedback from members.

Carlos agreed to have a version for the next subcommittee meeting.


Simpler content model

Jan Benedictus questioned the use of the word "strict". The content of the topic needs to be tweaked.


Use of YAML front matter

It makes sense to allow the author the flexibility to determine whether the short description should always be the first paragraph or not.

A question was raised about how pervasive is YAML is in Markdown communities.

Carlos Evia moved that we use YAML markup to distinguish when the first paragraph is or isn't a short description in MDITA.

Mark Giffin seconded the motion.

Alan Houser stated that he would like to defer the issue.

Resolved: Put YAML in the draft for subcommittee review, with provision for discussion by subcommittee.

Go to current version (draft 7, page 19, section 4.3.2) to see an example and explanation.

Mark Giffin will do a review.


Meeting concluded at 2 PM EST.




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