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Subject: <stentry> content model

Hi all,


Is there someone who could shed some light to the question why the <simpletable>/<stentry> content model in LwDITA is even more restricted than in DITA 1.3?


LwDITA includes a limited set of elements. The DITA 1.3 <simpetable> is already a simplified table model.


A logical expectation is that the LwDITA <simpletable> would allow the elements that are included in both LwDITA and DITA 1.3 <simpletable>.  In LwDITA <stentry>, <fig> is not allowed even though it is included in DITA 1.3 <stentry>.


When <fig> is considered as an essential part of the simplified table model in DITA 1.3, why should there be a different decision on the LwDITA side? If LwDITA adds restrictions like this, is it just complicating things unnecessarily?


Best regards,



Ullakaisa Kalander
Information Architect, Information Services
Citec Oy Ab

P.O. Box 109
FI-65101 Vaasa
Mobile: +358 50 3828 192
E-mail: ullakaisa.kalander@citec.com


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