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Subject: LwDITA Meeting minutes for 17 April 2017

LwDITA Meeting minutes for 17 April 2017
1 PM ET open

Michael Priestley, Carlos Evia, Robert Anderson, Kris Eberlein, Mark Giffin, Tim Grantham, Alan Houser, Keith Schengili-Roberts
Regrets: Ullakaisa Kalander, Don Day

Michael and Carlos won the "Distinguished Article Award" from the STC, for the paper that they published last year on how easy it was for technical writing students to use LwDITA.

==Update on DITAweb Status for Committee Note Review==
The draft Committee Note (v.10) is currently open for internal review by members of the SC on DITAweb.
There were some initial issues relating to permissions levels set for particular members who could not view the LwDITA Committee Note content, but Kris has fixed this.

Kris emphasized that reviewers should use the PDF as a starting point for any critique, as the DITAweb formatting should not be considered canonical.

The Committee Note review process: initial review is with the internal group first, and then it will be opened to members of the TC for comment. There will be no public review, as this is not a specification.
Deadline for internal review of the Committee Note is set for April 28th. Kris said that she would give the TC members a two-week time period for them to do their review of the Committee Note. Kris to set up a webex (Thursday at 1pm EST) to show members of the group how to use DITAweb.

Kris urged the SC members to "look for holes" to ensure that everything is covered.

ACTION ITEM: All members of the SC to review and leave comments to the current draft of the Committee Note using DITAweb by April 28th.

When asked, Kris was unsure of what the next steps would be once the SC has delivered a finalized Committee Note. A specification could be the next step, but it could also be for associated tools or other things. Much depends on the reaction of members of the TC.

==XDITA Constraint Token Added==
Robert added a constraint token has been added to the DTDs to tell a processor whether content is LwDITA or not.  

Mark asked whether this information is contained in the Committee Note. Carlos mentioned that that information is not there, but that this should be mentioned in the LwDITA specification rather than the Committee Note.

==fnref Added... Questions and Issues==
fnref is specialized from xref, and xref has an existing set of attributes. Mark had questions as to how xref's @format and @scope should be used in this circumstance. Robert responded that there are no reasons to use either of these attributes when it is used in this circumstance.

Kris asked about the justification for fnref. It is currently there as a convenient feature, and is aimed primarily at the marketing community. It was pointed out that xref could do the same thing. Open question as to whether fnref should continue to be part of LwDITA; to be discussed further in a subsequent meeting.
2 PM ET close




Keith Schengili-Roberts
Market Researcher and DITA Evangelist
825 Querbes, Suite 200, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2V 3X1
tel  + 1 514 279-4942  /  toll free + 1 877 279-4942 

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