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Subject: Meeting Minutes for May 1st LwDITA Meeting

LwDITA Meeting Minutes for 1 May 2017

1 PM ET open

Present: Michael Priestley, Carlos Evia, Robert Anderson, Mark Giffin, Alan Houser, Keith Schengili-Roberts

Minutes for the last meeting were approved.

==Recap of DITA CMS NA conference===
Demographics: there were more new people than at the last couple of conferences; it was well-attended and had more young people (though still were still plenty of "grey-hairs" there). Carlos mentioned that he did not know anyone personally who was at his Birds of a Feather table, as they were all first-time attendees. The top question he got at the table was the possibility of combining content deriving from different file formats.

There was a strong interest expressed in LwDITA. Keith and Leigh's presentation on Markdown and LwDITA was standing-room only. Subsequent presentations by Carlos and the panel discussion on DITA 2.0/LwDITA were also well attended.

===Carlos's Pizza Promise and Plan===
During the DITA 2.0/LwDITA panel, Carlos made a promise that if a draft of the spec was not published within the calendar year, he would buy pizzas for everyone in the room.

Carlos' teaching load for the Fall will be relatively light, and his research time is also committed to LwDITA, so he expects that working on the specification will be the core of will tackle for the rest of this year.

==Internal DITAweb review of Committee Note==
===Review closed 04/28/17===
Did not have our planned training session on DITAweb, so some people may not have had the opportunity to comment on the Committee Note.

Comment from Carlos: everyone we expected to make a contribution has likely already done so.
Carlos will digest the feedback, and he plans to bring some of the questions and outcomes from this to the next LwDITA meeting.

Alan emphasized that the Committee Note needs to be correct and complete before sending off to the TC for review. Robert chimed in by noting that the Committee Note ought to be "a consolidated roadmap of where we intend to go".

Keith asked about related DITA-OT development for LwDITA. Robert responded that the Committee Note does not provide enough to construct grammar files, but so long as Toolkit support remains aligned to DITA 1.3 the DITA-OT should be able to support LwDITA. He also noted that the new multimedia elements are HTML5-based and should not be hard to implement. Looking ahead, Robert noted that the next big release of DITA-OT is slated for the end of this month (May 2017), so there will be no explicit support for LwDITA in v.2.5; but there could possibly be beta support—assuming that there is a draft spec—for DITA-OT 3.0 at the end of this year.

===The Short and Adventurous Life of fnref===
Carlos brought the subject of re-examining the proposed fnref element as it has come up for some criticism in recent online conversations. The inclusion of the LwDITA multimedia elements are pretty much a given, but fnref is a convenience function as it is specialized off of xref and there is some question as to whether it is necessary.

One of the reasons for introducing fnref was that it follows a similar model present in HTML5.
Michael: we went out to users who are not using DITA and asked them what they wanted to see, and fnref came as a request from marketing who requested this as a convenience function. For marketing content the ability to conveniently add footnotes to their content is a core function, and dropping it risks alienating this potential audience. On this basis, it is defensible to include fnref.

It was also suggested that fnref be perhaps be an element added to DITA 2.0 rather than LwDITA as "it's the thing that doesn't look like anything else".

Michael moved that fnref be dropped, noting that an attribute must be used.

===Mixed content in XDITA and HDITA (Based on DITA CMS and Virginia Tech Students' Feedback)===
Carlos says that his students have complained a lot about not having mixed content (i.e. p within li is against typical HTML writing style).

Keith noted a possible error in the XDITA map code where xrefs contained within li is not wrapped in p.
This arrangement would make it easier for tool developers to create LwDITA software. It also makes conref-ing much easier to do, since majority of conrefs are likely to be p blocks of text.

Decision: education is the answer; add this to the Committee Note. 

===shortdesc... Implied or Enforced? (Based on DITA CMS and Virginia Tech Students' Feedback)===
MDITA extended includes this into the YAML header; for the sake of simplicity it could instead be the first paragraph instead (implied). Consequently, the first paragraph that appeared under an H1 in HTML would be a shortdesc by default.

Michael was in favour of keeping shortdesc in general as an optional component. (Personally, he thinks it ought to be enforce, but has been convinced otherwise).

Decision: the first paragraph is both the shortdesc and the body paragraph a shortdesc is not explicitly present. If content is ported to full DITA this content ought to be transformed to a shortdesc.

2:15 PM ET close




Keith Schengili-Roberts
Market Researcher and DITA Evangelist
825 Querbes, Suite 200, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2V 3X1
tel  + 1 514 279-4942  /  toll free + 1 877 279-4942 

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