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Subject: Re: [dita-lightweight-dita] LwDITA Meeting Minutes for 29 May 2017

Just a clarification on the committee note -- It is serving two (overloaded) purposes:

  1. Acting as an equivalent of a stage two proposal. A DITA TC stage 2 proposal usually contains all the design details. See https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/DITA_2.0_Proposal_Process_DRAFT for an explication of the DITA TC process.
  2. A document that the TC will actually (if approved) publish as a committee note.

I will suggest that the TC consider these two purposes sequentially.


Kristen James Eberlein
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
+1 919 682-2290; kriseberlein (skype)

On 5/29/2017 9:23 PM, Alan Houser wrote:
Colleagues -

Minutes from today's LwDITA subcommittee meeting are below. The minutes include announcements of several short-term items:
- Availability of LwDITA committee note v15 and request to review
- Special LwDITA SC meeting Friday, June 2, 11-12 EDT
- Intention to present committee note to DITA TC for review/approval on June 5



LwDITA Meeting Minutes for 29 May 2017

1 PM ET Called to Order

Kris Eberlein
Carlos Evia
Alan Houser
Mark Giffin
Ullakaisa Kalander
Michael Priestley
Keith Schengili-Roberts

==Approval of Minutes==
Deferred; distribution of 15 May minutes delayed by OASIS IT issues.

Proposed timeline for LwDITA summer work (https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita-lightweight-dita/201705/msg00020.html)

Kris Eberlein: Proposed plan and timeline to roll out LwDITA committee note to DITA Technical Committee.
Goal: Committee note finalized, written for DITA-savvy audience, appropriate for public review.

Recommendation:  Submit to DITA TC for review/approval June 5. After TC approval, open for 30-day public review.

Alan Houser: Is review public or OASIS-member?
Kris: Public

Kris: Committee cannot work on committee note during public review. This would be a good time to develop sample files. Final work product should include sample files.

Timeline: After 30-day public review, LwDITA subcommittee considers public review comments. Generates final committee note, submits to TC for approval.

Decision: Timeline/approach accepted by consensus.

==Status/Updates to Committee Note==
1. Carlos: V15 is available. Much improved. Distributed to LwDITA SC list (delayed by apparent OASIS IT issues)

2. How to define a key reference in XDITA (https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita-lightweight-dita/201705/msg00021.html)

Discussion centered around DITA 1.3 rules for resolving key references:

Decision by consensus:
Add <keydef> element w/processing role defaulted or fixed value
Add <linktext> to <topicmeta>, because needed for variable text per specification.
@processing role - defaulted or set.

Alan Houser will update LwDITA DTD, working with Carlos Evia and Mark Giffin.

2. Footnotes (<fn>)

Previous SC decisions:

Footnote is a block element.
Footnote cannot cannot contain mixed content.

Decision by consensus:
XDITA: <fn> contains paragraphs and lists (ol, ul, dl), data. <dl> is _not_ supported.

HDITA: Footnote represented by <div> that contains paragraphs and lists.

MDITA: Extended profile will use HDITA syntax.

3. Proposal for mapping <note> to HDITA as a <div>

Carlos Evia:
Issue: <note> cannot be mapped to <p>, because <note> contains paragraphs.
Proposed Solution: Express <note> in HDITA as:  <div data-hd-class="note">

Solution accepted by consensus.

4. "Ghost elements in LwDITA DTDs
Several elements are declared but not referenced. Examples: param, specmeta, specatt.
Subcommittee decision: Remove from LwDITA DTD

==Next Steps==

Request from Kris Eberlein: Request that subcommittee members review the latest committee note (v15) as a white paper. Send comments to the list.

Kris will schedule special LwDITA SC meeting Friday, June 2, 11-12 EDT for final review of committee note comments and go/no-go decision to send committee note to DITA TC for approval.

Adjourned at 2:18 EDT

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