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Subject: Re: [dita-lightweight-dita] LwDITA DTD/feature questions

Hi Alan,

See my comments below.

On 6/4/2017 8:02 PM, Alan Houser wrote:

A few questions about the Lightweight DITA DTDs and LwDITA features --

- The content model and attribute set for <data> is different in maps and topics (content model: <data> in <topic> allows #PCDATA; <data> in <map> does not. And the attributes are different). Is that intentional?
Unintentional. The map has not been touched in a long time. My opinion is that <data> in the map should match <data> in topic.

- LwDITA does not provide the DITA filtering attributes? (O.K. with me; just confirming).
I assume you mean @audience, @platform, @rev etc. I don't recall discussing these much. They're not in the DTDs though. Someone else may have an answer as to why.

- LwDITA does not provide a generic metadata container attribute (e.g., @outputclass)?
Most elements in topic do have @outputclass.

- Should we provide @processing-role on <topicref>? I'm thinking of the use case of referencing a "keydef-only" ditamap (@processing-role = "resource-only").
Not sure.

Mark Giffin

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