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Subject: Revised LwDITA attributes topic


I've attached an HTML version of the revised LwDITA attributes topic, for review/discussion.

(Source referenced in agenda for 28 July 2017, https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/LightweightDITASubcommittee).


Alan Houser
Group Wellesley, Inc.
Consultant and Trainer, Technical Publishing
arh on Twitter

Title: DITA 1.3 attributes in LwDITA

DITA 1.3 attributes in LwDITA

This topic lists the DITA 1.3 attributes available in LwDITA, and how to represent them.

Component/Set XDITA HDITA
Architecture attributes (on <topic> and <map> element types)
ditaarch @xmlns:ditaarch Not applicable
DITAArchVersion @ditaarch:DITAArchVersion Not applicable
Domains @domains Not applicable
Localization attributes


Language @xml:lang @lang
Translate @translate @translate
Data definition (on <data> element type)
Name @name Not applicable
Value @value Not applicable
Figure display attributes (provided on <fig> element type)
Expanse @expanse Not applicable
Frame @frame Not applicable
Scale @scale Not applicable
Filtering attribute
Props @props @data-props
Footnote control (on <fn> element type)
Callout @callout Not applicable
Image size (on <image> element type)
  @height @height
  @width @width
Note type (on <note> element type)
  @type @data-type
Processing attribute    
  @outputclass @class
Reference attributes
Link target


Format of target resource @format  
Relationship of source to target @scope  
Reuse attributes


Content reference @conref @data-conref
Video characteristics (on <video> element type)
Height @height @height
Width @width @width
Key frame @iframe @poster

Representing attributes in MDITA

With the exception of key reference, attributes are not available in the MDITA core profile. In the MDITA extended profile, you can express attributes using their HDITA representation.

Reuse attribute in MDITA

In an MDITA core-profile topic, a key reference is represented using the GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax for shortcut reference links: [key-value]. There is no equivalent for content reference in the MDITA core profile.

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