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Subject: LwDITA Meeting Minutes for October 2, 2017

LwDITA Meeting Minutes for 2 Oct 2017

1 PM ET open

Present: Bill Burns, Michael Priestley, Carlos Evia, Tim Grantham, Alan Houser, Keith Schengili-Roberts
=Approve minutes from previous meeting See: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita-lightweight-dita/201710/msg00000.html=
Minutes approved.

=Update from DITAweb review (Alan)=
- currently eight people have made comments, Rob Thomas and Kris are in the lead
- a couple of people have noted that they have reviewed it and have no comments, which is also helpful
- deadline for comments is tomorrow (Oct 3)

=Moving Committee Note to GitHub?=
- thinking is that for the public comment round it might make more sense to have the Committee Note content viewable on GitHub; easier to read and to comment on for the average user
- Michael wondered whether or not this would be permissible; he remembered a previous OASIS decision stating that GitHub should not be used for deliverables but can be used for supporting materials; as a Working Proposal, it is considered a work product from the SC
- Michael noted that Kris is much more up on the procedural end of things, and is to ask her whether Michael's understanding of things is correct
To Do: Michael to check with Kris Eberlein as to whether using GitHub for the public comment round on the Committee Note is feasible.

=Report from call with David Ryan from Corilla (Michael)=
- there was a conference call set up with David Ryan, CEO of Corilla
- start-up firm Corilla provides a DITA-like technical authoring tool that also has a Markdown interface; Markdown/MDITA is his main interest in LwDITA
- are finding that they are hitting a wall in terms of the limitations of Markdown as an authoring format, but are intrigued by with MDITA has to offer, as it continues with Markdown but extends its feature set for technical writers
- he stated interest in joining the sub-committee, and he has been passed along info on how to join OASIS

=Discuss strategic outreach for public review (Carlos)=
- Carlos mentioned several names from Google, GitHub and Pandoc that he hoped might be encouraged to comment on LwDITA and hopefully also to promote it
- Michael asked whether there is anyone from the HTML5 side of things that might be able to comment/promote LwDITA; there was a suggestion that Don Day might also know some names in this area
- Rahel Bailie, Noz Urbina and Jan Benedictus of FontoXML would be good contacts within the marketing communications world
- Don Stevens of CIDM and John Hunt of IBM may also be able to help spread the message and advocate for LwDITA
- what is the message we want to put out there? Carlos answered that the initial goals is to have people comment publicly on the Committee Note
- WriteTheDocs was also mentioned as a possible contact worth reaching out to; ditto Paligo
ToDo: create a list of contacts, send them to Carlos who will coordinate the out-reach messaging when it is crafted

=Use <coderef> in Committee Note samples=
- Jarno has been working on the Markdown plugin for DITA-OT; has now been rebranded as a LwDITA plugin which handles HDITA and MDITA
- asked whether the Committee Note will be published in DITA, and recommended using coderef if using DITA 1.3 (which it will be)

=Jarno's additional observation about value of @format in maps for MDITA and HDITA topics=
- it could be possible to pick a default value for format and the choice of format may be secondary in importance; for example, MDITA could be the default
ToDo: Michael to ask Jarno and Robert about their thoughts on this subject

=The future (if any) of LwDITA specialization=
- Michael affirmed that he wants to move forward with this idea and that it should become the second Committee Note from this SC
- goal is to work on specialization portion in the SC while the material in the existing CN is moved to a full specification
- ultimately there will be separate but connected standards: "LwDITA for Authoring" and "LwDITA for Specialization"
2 PM ET close




Keith Schengili-Roberts
Market Researcher and DITA Evangelist
825 Querbes, Suite 200, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2V 3X1
tel  + 1 514 279-4942  /  toll free + 1 877 279-4942 

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