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Subject: Finding rationales for design decisions

Hello all,

Even though some (or most) of you have understood I am not as enthusiastic about LwDITA as I used to be, I am jumping back into the LwDITA pool as I am currently implementing LwDITA support in FrameMaker.

Working on editor support for LwDITA prompts a LOT of questions on the rationale for certain design decisions, as I am using all possible constructs in my test materials and some of them get my eyebrows raised to a point where even my cats - and kids - do not recognize me anymore. I would be more than willing to provide feedback on those constructs but I would like to know the rationale before I start stepping on people's toes or reiterate discussions that were already held long ago.

But finding the rationale for each design decision is very hard to do. I suspect they have been discussed at length in the meetings and there might be notes in the minutes, but simply finding the rationale - and fully detailed examples - for specific elements seems impossible to do.

I checked the GitHub repo but there is hardly anything there. There does not seem to be a group Wiki or forum. So where are digests of discussions kept - if at all ? Surely it is not the intention to have new (or returned) committee members search 100s of e-mails to get an idea of the discussions behind certain design decisions ?

Kind regards


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