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dita-lightweight-dita message

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Subject: WTD talk on LW DITA

I plan to do a talk on lwdita for the San Francisco Bay Area Write the Docs group in August.
Below is what the organizer would like to see. Any suggestions are welcome.

Carlos or Michael, can I please get your webinar we talked about in the meeting?

SF Bay Area WTD

We're planning to do an evening talk on August 17 about lightweight DITA.

I'm hoping it will be suitable for people who:
-- already use DITA and who want to know what the new standard has to offer
-- or don't use DITA, but think the new standard might solve a problem for them

I think these could be some points to hit:
-- An overview of the types of problems Lightweight DITA was intended to solve
-- Where and when it should not be used (if you can think of examples)

And it would be great to see examples of how to implement the new features, even if these are part of a slide show, as opposed to a full hands-on or a demo.

Let me know if that works for you, and thanks very much for your interest.

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