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Subject: Response from MS docs person


I said I'd contact a couple people at Microsoft who worked with their huge docs changeover project, which is converting from their old custom XML system to Markdown and GitHub.

One of them replied with some info. Here are the docs and tool downloads for their doc system called DocFX:


Here is the person's blog about this subject:


By the way, here is an audio talk given by someone on the project (Ralph Squillace) from a couple years ago, very interesting:


Here is my tl;dr from the above talk:
 - They have 8 million English topics and 42 million total. Moved them over from old XML system. Massive project.  - Anybody can author now, no training. PMs, devs, tons. 1200 people contribute to azure.com docs.
 - They use acrolinx for helping with people's writing and QC.
 - They have high management support. They needed that to get the PMs etc writing.  - The main idea seems to be that making it really easy to write and getting everyone to write, gives you lots of content you never had before, and you take it and QC it, help them get to be better writers. They have to write because they have the knowledge, not because they're writers.  - The new doc system and site has a team of 18 devs and 6 PMs. Then just a few for maintenance when it's done.



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