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Subject: Using YAML for MDITA maps

This came up in our meeting today after Jenifer Schlotfeldt showed her YAML-based TOC/map for markedit/markdown files.

Our current map for MDITA is a markdown file with links, described here:


This is the example given:
# Remote Lighting Network
   - [Introduction](introduction.md)
   - [Alternative lighting setups](alternatives.md)
       - [Low power installation](low-power.md)
       - [High power installation](high-power.md)
I know of no implementations of this MDITA map. I don't think the DITA OT implements it, although it implements the XDITA map. Oxygen does not implement the MDITA map but implements the XDITA map. I'm not sure if Adobe implements it. When I do a LWDITA system for a client, I use an XML-based map, either XDITA or DITA 1.3.

I see many non-LWDITA markdown systems and they often use YAML to define the TOC. I don't recall seeing a markdown file used as TOC/map, although it could be done. My educated guess on why YAML is used instead of markdown is that just about any programming language has a library or package that parses YAML, and YAML has become kind of a default format for config files of all kinds. YAML has actual structure and you can validate it easily.

Just something to consider.


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