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Subject: JDITA @ Declarative Amsterdam

Hi everybody.

I recently attended the Declarative Amsterdam conference (https://declarative.amsterdam/) and one contribution naturally caught my attention: "Petal - An in-browser editor for LwDITA" by Charaf Eddine Cheraa from Evolved Binary.

They do not operate directly on LwDITA sources, but use a JSON representation of it, which they boldly presented as JDITA. In the discussion round I questioned this choice since they seem to use a JSON representation just a means to an end. I'm afraid I didn't really get through with my comment that LwDITA is about interoperability between all its variants and DITA proper, and to name this representation vehicle "JDITA" implies (to my ears) that they put it in the same line as (M|X|H)DITA, which I don't think is an appropriate step.

If you want to spend 12:35 of your time, consider watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCWbAl5qh1A&feature=youtu.be.

Any comments on this?


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