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Subject: DITA Machine Industry SC: Meeting Minutes 2007/01/23

1) Roll call
We have quorum.
2) We need a Secretary
Issue postponed. The secretary role rotates.
Minutes taken by Gerald Goetz.

3) Approve minutes from previous business meeting: 

Minutes accepted by: Chris Kravogel
Seconded by: Sissy Closs

4) Business: 

4.1) Review and Release of Issue #5 Hazard Statements DTD proposal

 - Page 2
   Review of ATTLIST for element "note": the attributes "notice"
   and "caution" were added to the name token group for the
   attribute "type".

 - Page 3
   - The content model of the element "hazardstatement" has been
     There will be a change in the content model.
     - The DTD-entity for the element messagepanel now has the "+"
       occurrence indicator.
     - The attributes "level" and "type" have been discussed.
     - The attribute "placement" has been discussed. The default
       will change from "inline" to "break". Chris Kravogel will
       update the document.
   - The content model of the element "messagepanel" has been discussed.
     There will be no changes to the content model.

4.2) Proposal to submit "Issue #5 Hazard Statements DTD proposal" to the

 - The modified document shall be submitted to the DITA TC
   Accepted by: Chris Kravogel
   Seconded by: Gerald Goetz 

 - Chris explained the formal process. The modified DTD including the
   hazardstatement domain should ship with the next release of the DITA

4.3) Proposal to change the content model of the elements "step" and

 - Gerald Goetz makes the proposal to change the content model of the
   "step" and "substep" within "taskbody".

 - The current content model does not support the placement of an
element "note"
   (future: "hazardstatement") directly BEFORE an element "cmd" when
more than
   one element "step" is present. 

 - The elements "context" and "info" do allow "note" but "context" only
   notes / hazardstatements FOR ALL STEPS and "info" only supports a
note /
   hazardstatement AFTER a command ("cmd").

 - International guidelines require hazardstatements to appear directly
   the command.

 - Proposal Accepted by: Gerald Goetz
   Seconded by: Chris Kravogel   

 - Gerald Goetz will fill out a formal proposal a provide it to the
group for
   further discussion.

 - Sissy Closs suggests a workaround in publishing would be to move the
   elements in info before the element "cmd" through stylesheet

4.4) Proposal Tempaltes

 - Chris points to the proposal template by Don Day.
 - Proposal-Numbers for the DITA Machine SC (so far):
    - Hazard statement domain: 001
    - Content model of step / substep: 002
    - Maintenance task: 003

4.5) Proposal from Patrick Willekens about maintenancetask

 - Postponed to next meeting.

5) Announcements/Opens 


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