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dita-machine-industry message

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Subject: DITA Machine Industry SC: Meeting Minutes 2007/07/10

1) Roll call 
We have quorum.

2) Approve minutes from June 26th business meeting: 

Motion to accept minutes made by: Chris Kravogel
Seconded by: Robin Sloan

3) Business: 

- MI 03 MItask,
Evaluate S1000D element list

Element List Evaluation:

- Continuation of Element "prelreqs"

Element "prelreqs" (Preliminary Requirements):
  - Occurence: Optional
  - S1000D content model: ( pmd?, reqconds, reqpers?, supequip,
supplies, spares, safety)

Element "reqpers" (Required Persons):
  - S1000D content model: (( asrequir| person),( perscat, perskill?,
trade?, esttime?)?)+

Element "asrequir" (As Required):
  - Unneccessary 

Element "person" (Personnel):
  - Attribute man REQUIRED 
    - Man identifier.  
  - Occurence in DITA: Optional 

Element "perscat" (Personnel Category):
  - Attribute category REQUIRED 
    - Personnel category of required trade to complete the task. 
  - Occurence in DITA: Optional 

Element "perskill" (Personnel Skill Level):
  - Attribute skill
    - REQUIRED - Personnel skill level           
  - Occurence in DITA: Optional
  - Content model CDATA #IMPLIED
  - Skill definitions should be made through specialization

Element "trade" (Personnel Trade Code):
  - Unnecessary

Element "esttime" (Estimated Time Spent):
  - Occurence in DITA: Optional 
  - Content Model: No block content 

Element "supequip" (Support Equipment):
  - Content model in S1000D: (nosupeq| supeqli)  
  - Content model in DITA: Like in S1000D  
  - Occurence in DITA: Required
  - Keep the S1000D model with nosupeq

Element "supeqli" (Support Equipment List):
  - Occurence in DITA: Mandatory in the or-model 
  - Content model in DITA: ( supequi+)
  - DITA: Derivation from "ol" unordered list

Element "supplies" (Supplies):
  - Will be handled like "supequip"

Element "spares" (Spares):
  - Will be handled like "supequip"

Element "safety" (Safety Conditions):
  - Occurence: Required
  - Content model: ( nosafety| safecond)
  - The S1000D content model will be adapted

Element "safecond" (Safety Condition):
  - Content model: general element list with hazard
    statement domain

Element "mainfunc" (Maintenance Function):
  - The relation to "context" (DITA task) has to be discussed.
    S1000D has no additional element at this hierarchy level.

4) Announcements/Opens 

 - Chris will not be able to attend the next meeting on July 24
 - Robin will moderate the next meeting
 - Gerald will send the meeting invitation
 - Gerald will track attendance 

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