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dita-machine-industry message

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Subject: Minutes 2008/09/02

1) Roll Call

We do not have a quorum.

2) Approve minutes of last business meetings:

The meeting minutes were approved.

Motion to accept made by Chris Kravogel; seconded by Jonathan Lundin.

3) Business

DITA 1.2 Packaging discussion:

-> the available DTDs on the OASIS website are outdated, we wait for the update containing our latest modifications for further review.

Language Specs and Architecutal Specs Review

->For the review of the Architectual Specs, Chris Kravogel is asking Robert Anderson where to find the links to the Architectual specs for Review

DITA 1.3 Proposals

Discussions should be made in a bigger group. Issue is postponed.

4 Announcements / Opens

proposal for a face to face meeting at the Tekom Annual Meeting or the DITA Europe Conference in November.


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