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Subject: Hazard Statement Examples



enclosed I am sending the hazard statement examples for the langref document to you.

May I ask you for your feedback.


In danger.png, warning.png, caution.png and notice.png you will find three rendering examples we could recommend. Each of them is in line with the ANSI recommendations and are derived from the look of the warning lables.

As safety symbols an icon indicating the type of hazard is used.


In all*.png you will see examples with general safety symbols. Some companies do not use hazard type symbols but general symbols in their documents.

In the ANSI Z535.6-2006 the examples all-signal-word.png and all-alert-symbol.png are listed.


In the *-with-text.png examples I have added some surrounding text in the example, to see how it may look in a document.


What do you think?

·         Indicating three different designs (with all borders, with borders around text, without borders), or only one of them?

·         Using the examples with text or without?

·         From the “all” examples should we recommend all of them?

·         Should we recommend the all-signal-word.png and all-alert-symbol.png only, as they are placed explicitly as examples in Z535. The others are implicitly described.

·         Or do you recommend another design?


Looking forward for your feedback, please send me your feedbacks until Friday, 28th of August.


Best regards




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