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dita-machine-industry message

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Subject: Question about possible specialization

Hello all,

I received a question about controls that need to be distinguished from uicontrols and can therefore not use the same element in DITA. The idea is to create a specialization, but the question is what it should look like, to keep as many options open as possible for future usage. Does anyone have experience with element types and possible attributes that would make descriptions of machine control panels (including subpanels, touchscreens, etc.) easier ?
Thanks in advance for your ideas, references to other standards, etc.

BTW, we are more or less hibernating as far as the work of this committee is concerned. This is not a bad thing after DITA 1.2 has been approved, but it should not take too long. I am hoping that there will be new activities when spring comes and gets us all energized again...


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