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Subject: RE: 2007-06-13 Meeting Minutes (dita_sidsc_minutes_2007-06-13.txt) uploaded

Full text posted below for those who can't access the file:

Minutes of the 13 June 2007 teleconference.

Meeting started shortly after 4:00 PM GMT.


  Bob Beims        Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.    Chair
  Seraphim Larsen  Intel Corporation                Secretary

  Seth Park        Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.    Member
  Duane Becker     IBM                              Guest
  Ian McKenzie     Infineon                         Guest
  Kutty Pacheery   Infineon                         Guest
  Steve Ballard    Intel                            Guest
  Don LaVie        Marvell                          Guest
  Jeramy Ralph     Productivity Design Tools        Guest
  Gunnar Krause    Qimonda                          Guest

1) General discussion of the purpose of the SIDSC in response to a question by Gunnar Krause: "should we exclude or include people who *use* semiconductor products within this subcommittee, or remain more exclusive to only semiconductor *manufacturers*? Resolution of this question was identified as an action item for the subcommittee.

2) Review of the "getting started" steps with attendees:
   - could everyone get to the SC web resources?
   - concensus is "yes" to the public pages, but "no" to the member pages,
     since most attendees are not yet members.

3) Bob took the action item to identify a "public" way of communicating SC information to those who are not OASIS members.

4) The question of time and tempo for teleconferences was raised. The concensus was that 4:00 PM GMT is acceptable, although Gunnar in Munich would prefer one hour earlier. 3:00 PM GMT corresponds to 8:00 AM on the Pacific coast of the US. The details for the next call are:

   Wednesday, 20 June 2007, 04:00pm to 05:00pm GMT
5) Review of the Charter document @


It was verified that everyone could access the file.  Rather than spending this call trudging through the document, it was suggested that the best approach to reviewing and revising the document would be to make this a "home work" assignment.

Gunnar Krause suggested that in addition to setting forth specific deliverables, we might also consider defining the pace at which work will be done. For example, perhaps we should define a phased release plan (perhaps two or three times per year), but it is not clear whether this should be part of a charter, or defined as part of the working agreement of the group. Resolution of this issue is to be recorded as an action item for future consideration.

Duane Becker suggested that most of us are not ready to comment at this point, but want to digest the material in more depth during the next week; we will then discuss the peer comments on 20 June.

Moved by Duane Becker, seconded by Seth Park, with amendment by Gunnar Krause, accepted by acclaimation: 

   All parties will review the existing charter and submit their comments to the group *prior* to the beginning of the 20 June teleconference in order to facilitate discussion next week; failure to submit comments ahead of time will result in forfeiture of the priviledge to participate in the teleconference discussion. Bob Beims will follow up with the logistics of how those comments will be submitted.

6) Seraphim Larsen described his past work as secretary to the DITA Technical Committee. He suggested the possibility of a "co-secretary" role, where one person acts as the scribe to take notes and track action items, while the other person maintains the team's web presence via the wiki pages and forums.

7) A change from weekly to bi-weekly *after* the 20 June teleconference was discussed.

Moved by Donn LaVie, seconded by Duane and Gunnar, accepted by acclaimation:

   Because of the earlier schedule announcement, hold the 20 June teleconference as scheduled, then change to a bi-weekly cadence, which will place the third teleconference on 4 July. [Ed: during the call no one noticed that this is a holiday in the US.]

8) Moved by Duane Becker, seconded by Jeremy Ralph, accepted by acclaimation:

   Seraphim Larsen nominated and elected as Secretary.

Meeting adjourned at 4:43 PM GMT.

Submitted 19 June, 2007 by Bob Beims, Chair, OASIS DITA TC Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee

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