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dita-sidsc message

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Subject: ARM's investigation of DITA adoption benefits

I'd be happy to make the introductions. First, I've cc'd the chair of the DITA Technical Committee, Don Day of IBM, as he may have some good pointers for building the basic "DITA business case", as well as providing some information on moving from something like DocBook to DITA. Second, I've cc'd the Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee (SIDSC) mail list so that all members are now aware of your interest in understanding the specifics of DITA-based information interoperability across the semiconductor industry.
I'll leave it up to them to contact you via email.


From: Stuart Smart [mailto:Stuart.Smart@arm.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 7:55 AM
To: Beims Bob-RWBC70
Subject: RE: ARM Info Center

Hi Bob,
thanks very much for your time yesterday, it was very useful for me.
As you probably gathered from what we have already implemented (source control, strict DTD based on docbook, Infocenter delivery etc), and what we are in the middle of implementing (autogeneration from IP-XACT code) we are very interested in what you are trying to do under the DITA umbrella.
I think your explanation of Freescale's postion was extremely useful. In order to gain greater understanding of the business case for ARM's involvement, do you you think it would be possible for me to speak directly with with the other members of the DITA sub-committee?
Naturally, I would not expect you to forward thier email addresses to me, but I would appreciate it if you could forward my email to them so that they can contact me directly if they want to.
Thanks again

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