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Subject: 2012-01-18 teleconference minutes and recording

SIDSC members;

For those who couldn't participate in our last teleconference, the recording is available @

Just prior to receiving the news regarding the death in her family, Noreen McMahan had sent me minutes from the meeting for a quick review. I'll just include them as-is and let y'all use the email list to note any corrections / additions:

During this meeting, we discussed how to conduct the shared review of the SIDSC specification, as well as resources for review.


Bob will add a link to the shared review PDF on the WIKI page:



This will be our review portal and will contain a table of action items.


We talked about whether to rename the specification from “SIDSC Registers Specification” to “Semiconductor Specialization Specification.” The idea is to include all of our specializations in one specification rather than writing a separate specification for each specialization.


It was suggested that we add an ”Intended Audience” section.


Change “Members” heading to “Contributing Members”. Bob will contact Chet Ensign to get input on who to include in the contributors’ list. 


Call out SIDSC in the introduction.


Bob asked us to please continue commenting on the shared review PDF.


In the last few minutes of the meeting, Nancy Harrison gave us TC feedback from Don Day. He states that the SIDSC Registers Specification was never officially submitted. The submission process has three stages:

·         High-level proposal

·         More detailed proposal

·         Actual specification


We in the SIDSC must present a Starge 1 proposal to make our specification part of DITA 1.3. Only a few paragraphs are required.


Bob asked if having an SIDSC specification included in DITA 1.3 help people to migrate to DITA. Are we ok with SIDSC being a side specification?


Cheri Mullins:  We need to make it official. If not, our specification is less likely to become a standard.


Bob: Is it possible for the SIDSC specification to get official status without being part of DITA 1.3?


Nancy Harrison: No, it needs to be part of DITA 1.3.


Bob: Accepted. I’ll draft the stage 1 proposal.


Actions before the next meeting:

Cheri will fix simple typos in the specification. She will make the edits in the subversion repository.

Bob will send an email to Don Day asking for the OASIS look and feel plug-in for the open toolkit.

Bob Beims

Chair, OASIS DITA TC Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee (SIDSC)

Applications Engineer, Staff Principal

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
6501 William Cannon Drive West, MD: OE327    
Austin, TX 78735-8598


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