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Subject: Minutes of 4 October DITA for Technical Communication SC

Minutes of DITA for Technical Communication SC

Monday, 4 October 2010





JoAnn Hackos, ComTech

Gershon Joseph, Cisco

Paul Gross, PTC,

Kris Eberlein, SDL

Seraphim Larsen, Intel




Darryl Tewes, Individual member

Patricia Gee, Oracle



1. Meeting time and date



We decided that we would meet alternate Mondays, 11 AM-12 noon ET.



2. Roster



We went through the roster


Action: Kris Eberlein to contact Jana Jenkins and Mariana Alupului, IBM

Action: JoAnn Hackos to contact Rob Hanna (Individual member) and Valerie Lipow (Lockheed Martin)



3. Discussion of general purpose and role of this SC:



Gershon: Need to further develop technical communication specialization. Lots of people developing their own specializations to meet tech comm needs.


JoAnn: Need for experts in technical communication to critically evaluate proposals brought to the DITA TC from a tech comm perspective.


Kris: Now that DITA is moving beyond technical communication, we need a SC to look after tech comm interests. DITA started with tech comm, needs to continue to meet needs of tech comm community. Potential disconnect between DITA TC and larger community -- to the larger community, DITA = technical communication. Yet DITA TC is moving on to focus on publishing, pharmaceuticals, enterprise business documents, etc.


Paul: Need to ensure that the modules are maintained coherently.


Seraphim: Many DITA subcommittees are getting increasingly company-specific, drifting away from original DITA TC vision of open-source content.



4. Possible items for this subcommittee to address



We discussed command-line interface documentation and troubleshooting information. Other possible items include:


* Quick Reference Guides

* Change control

* Multimedia solutions


Best regards,


Kristen James Eberlein l DITA Architect and Technical Specialist l SDL Structured Content Technologies Division l (t) + 1 (919) 682-2290 l keberlein@sdl.com


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