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Subject: Groups - Minutes, 1 November 2010 (DITA-TC-SC-minutes-1-November-2010.txt) modified

Minutes of DITA for Technical Communication SC
Monday, 1 November 2010


Gershon Joseph, Cisco
Paul Grosso, PTC,
Kris Eberlein, SDL
Dave Helfinstine, PTC
Mariana Alupului, IBM
Darryl Tewes, Individual member
Debbie Novick, Cisco


JoAnn Hackos, Comtech

1. Introductions
Everyone present gave a brief introduction.

2. Long-term secretary
Darryl Tewes will consider whether this role would be right for him.

3. Command-line interface documentation

Are the current set of DITA elements adequate? (Cisco is not finding them
adequate.) If not, we need to recommend changes to DITA TC.
Do we need to document the current set of elements more clearly?
Do we need to disseminate best practice information about documenting CLIs
using DITA?
Who in the community is using DITA to document CLIs, other than IBM and

ACTION: Kris Eberlein will post to dita-users, asking who in the community
is using DITA to document CLIs, especially using the programming domain and
syntax diagrams.
ACTION: Mariana Alupului will find out if IBM can make any internal
documentation about documenting syntax diagrams available.

4. Troubleshooting

Gershon: The need for multiple steps in a topic was a driver for general
task; Cisco wants to have a troubleshooting section before the <postreq>.

Kris: We should look at the troubleshooting specialization that IBM
developed and made available on Sourceforge

ACTION: Kris Eberlein to post information to list to list about (1)
presentation on the IBM Troubleshooting specialization, and (2) where to
download specialization.
ACTION: Mariana Alupului to do XXX

5. Quick reference guides

Gershon: Cisco needs to produce deliverables for consumer products that
might be graphics heavy, maybe no text.
Darryl: Recently had to produce an attachment for Sales

Question: Are there Tech Comm deliverables that your company needs to
produce that might need unique markup or output considerations? How would
you describe such deliverables?

6. Change control

Gershon: There is no native DITA support for this; every vendor has
implemented something different. This makes it hard to exchange information
between companies or even (within a company) between groups that use
different CMSs or authoring tools.

7. Multimedia

Current DITA support (<object> element) has limitations; community is eager
for more. For example, people want to be able to generate output for XHTML
variety 1, XHTML variety 2, PDF, etc, using a single DITA topic.

ACTION: Kris Eberlein will post to dita-users seeking information about 1)
How people are currently using DITA with multimedia, and  2) Things people
want to do vis-a-vis multimedia but currently cannot do. Darryl Tewes will
help collate this information.

8. Announcements

Mariana announced that the DITA API Java specialization will be updated and
support built into a new version of the DITA OT. Also, there will be a new
version of the DITA Doclet tool released.
 -- Kristen Eberlein

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