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Subject: Notes from Today

Hi folks.


I am very sorry for having to abruptly drop off the call at the bottom of the hour.


Here are the notes I took for the first half. If someone will send me the second half, I’ll upload them to the OASIS site.


Thank you,




Roll Call: see the calendar for official tally





1.Dave Helfensitein to review 13096, 13086, 13098


2.JoAnn to remind M. Priestley that 13097 depends on the ability to reuse "steps" from the task content model, which is one use case for a more generic cross-module reuse feature being considered for 1.3.


3.Seth to set up recurring meeting for SC conference calls in 2013. (done)


4. Seth: reminded to take care of standing action items, namely cleaning up the "change tracking" wiki (move pharma requirements to release mgmt page).


5.Everyone: collect examples of troubleshooting




1. What to do the rest of the year?



* articles, whitepapers, examples on troubleshooting

* troubleshooting spec changes



Rob: Create outline for the troubleshooting guidelines articles. (possible webinar opportunity); should answer questions such as when to do "inline" troubleshooting vs standalone topic.


JoAnn: ask Robert Anderson to add "troubleshooting and release management" to the agenda of the April CIDM DITA 1.3 preview.

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