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Subject: OASIS DITA TechComm Subcommittee-- Meeting Monday 10 June

Hi All
We are back for a crucial meeting this week. We need to do a final review of the three Troubleshooting Proposals that Bob Thomas and I have been working on. I've asked Bob to send the revised Stage 3 proposal to everyone by the time of the meeting.

I've revised the Troubleshooting elements topic from Kris Eberlein's comments. I've also modified General Task, Strict Task, and Machinery Task topics from the architectural specification. And, I've added a note to the Task Troubleshooting Stage 3 proposal (at least the last copy I had locally) that indicates I've added these topic changes and recommend where the new Troubleshooting Elements topic should be place.

Please look these over by Monday. Bob should also send everyone a new copies of the Step, Note, and Task Troubleshooting proposals.

I hope Bob will have a report on the Troubleshooting topic for the meeting.

I also hope that we have an update from Seth and Tom on the release management proposal.

Please read the new topics enclosed here and be prepared to offer any feedback at the meeting. I'll ask for approvals so that we can move these proposals through the Stage 3 approval vote at the TC.

Thanks for all your help,

JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD
Comtech Services Inc.
710 Kipling Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80215

Attachment: dita_generic_task_topic_05312013.dita
Description: dita_generic_task_topic_05312013.dita

Attachment: dita_machinerytask_topic_05312013.dita
Description: dita_machinerytask_topic_05312013.dita

Attachment: dita_task_topic_05312013.dita
Description: dita_task_topic_05312013.dita

Attachment: TroubleshootingElements_05312013.dita
Description: TroubleshootingElements_05312013.dita

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