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Subject: Updated troubleshooting files


Updated .zip archive

Here is a .zip archive containing the latest Troubleshooting files. The .zip archive contains:
Please see README.txt for more information.

Troubleshooting topic

Proposal 13097 still requires Phase 2 approval. We may be ready to seek that soon. But, there are some issues we must agree upon about the content model, and the material that we are to submit should be reviewed internally.

Changes to the troubleshooting topic content model:
  1. The strawman proposal allowed a mix of basic blocks (parameter entity %body.cnt;) to preceed condition, cause, and remedy. This was simply a hangover from the topic model, which is the inherited type for troubleshooting. Removing the mix simplifies the structure and will not stymie a writer's need to say some things before the condtion, cause, and remedy elements. They can use shortdesc or abstract in the rare cases where this is necessary.

  2. The condition element may only appear once at the beginning of troublebody. Previously, it was available inside a mix along with cause and remedy. This request came from Dan Dionne at IBM. It seems reasonable to allow no more than one condition per troubleshooting topic. If anybody can come up with an example where that restriction does not make sense, then we should consider rolling the model back to where multiple condition elements are allowed. One advantage of this restriction is that writers can no longer unwittingly place the condition after its corresponding causes or remedies.
Best Regards,
Bob Thomas
+1 720 201 8260
Skype: bob.thomas.colorado
Instant messaging: Gmail chat (bob.thomas@tagsmiths.com) or Skype
Time zone: Mountain (GMT-7)

Attachment: Troubleshooting09jun13.zip
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