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Subject: Re: [dita-techcomm] 03-03-2014 TechComm Meeting Cancelled


While those of us on the west coast understand that last minute
cancellations happen, if it's at all possible to get a warning even by
Sunday afternoon, we'd really appreciate it.

Attending a meeting at 8am on a Monday morning is difficult enough some
weeks. However, getting up only to discover that the meeting was cancelled
two hours before, is very frustrating.


Jane Credland

Lead Writer, Data Center Group Technical Documentation
Cisco Technical Communication
Office Phone: 408-424-6468

On 3/3/14 5:59 AM, "Dr. Stanley Doherty" <stan@modularwriting.com> wrote:

>Hi --
>So sorry for the late notice here . . . when JoAnn and I compared notes,
>it appeared that neither of us could swing the meeting today at
>I'll send an email to everyone with the results of my SC wiki rework; it
>would be great if you could review that before the next SC meeting.
>My apologies again . . .

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