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dita-techcomm message

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Subject: Notes for our meeting . . .

1. Invitations to Local Companies

   SC members discussed ways to involve our respectively
   local DITA companies in the process of developing requirements
   and identifying relevant SC issues. Members should contact  
   local companies to determine whether they would be willing 
   to particulate in SC discussions/meetings about their
   current experiences and future needs. 
   AI/SC - Put feelers out to local companies and report back.
2. DITA 1.3 Feature Articles for Adoption
   JoAnn suggested that Tom abd Bob  consider doing a DITA 1.3
   feature article for the Adoption group.
   Bob - sounds good
   Tom - sounds good pending discussions with management about
         the scope of his new role.  
3. Information modeling - to assist in Enterprise-wide adoption of DITA

   a. Policy-based writing 
      Bob suggested that the SC look more closely at modeling
      policy-based information in DITA.
   b. Semiconductor industry PLC
      JoAnn noted that the semiconductor industry had, similarly,
      many design documents and test documents that needed to be
      modeled into some more coherent collection -- ideally in 
      > There may be very nice requirements specialization in 
        there somewhere. 
   c. Agile/scrum specializations
      Stan noted that there was sufficient commonality in the 
      types of planning and deliver documents on scrum teams to 
      warrant investigation.
      > The challenges in Agile/Scrum tend to be in the lack of
        standardized planning frameworks across scrum organizations,
        e.g. jira, Greenhopper, etc.. The tools for achieving
        team collaboration get in the way of standardization 
        and identifying common denominators.
      > Focusing on best practices that sit above particular tool 
        chains may yield better results.
7. DITA Editor (lightweight)
   Bob suggested that we keep an eye out for ongoing developments
   coming out of a team in China re: a lightweight DITA editor.
8. Lightweight DITA
   The SC agreed that it should continue to review options 
   in progress for Lightweight DITA.
   > Michael Priestley has a proposed implementation for 
     post-DITA 1.3.
   > Bob has demonstrated a constraint-based implementation 
     that has the advantage of not breaking compatibility
     with DITA 1.3.

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