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dita-techcomm message

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Subject: Agenda: DITA TechComm SC Meeting (07-07)

Greetings all --

Finishing up some long-standing items and ramping up on others:

1. Closure -- any open issue with the following?
   a. Troubleshooting whitepaper (approved last week by the Adoption TC - congrats Bob!!)
   b. Email to SC members calling for participation (sent last week)

2. DITA 1.3 webinar (July 29?) - any open items requiring SC support?
   a. Troubleshooting - Bob
   b. Release Management - Tom

3. Adoption whitepapers in progress
   a. Release Management domain - Tom - getting meaningful review feedback?
   b. SVG domain - volunteers?
   c. MathML domain - volunteers?

4. New discussion - SC suggestions for "best practices" when modeling new TechComm domains.

5. TechComm information modeling in progress:
   a. Regulatory / Policy writing
      - Examples: HR policies, corporate guidelines
      - AI/Bob and Jane to explore and report back

   b. Agile/scrum process documentation
      - AI/Stan to research and report back

   c. Semiconductor industry PLC
      - Any volunteers?? partners??

Additional agenda items -- always welcome! Ping me with additions.

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