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Subject: Notes and Action Items from 11-24-2014 SC Meeting

1. News from DITA Europe and DITA-OT Day: Lots of interesting
   developments in flight from Europe. Momentum for DITA is 
   definitely visible. Engagement from our European vendor BFFs
   (Oxygen) continues while engagement from new vendors is on the rise 
   (notably in the CCMS space).

2. Whitepaper development:

   a. Release Management - continues to make progress.

3. Information Modeling

   a. Policies and procedures ... Bob distributed his
      first models. Neat! Seeking feedback and collaboration
      partners in the field.

   b. Agile/scrum ... progress as well. To review 
      inventory next meeting.

   c. Semiconductor ... no progress. Need to put on hold 
      pending new, active participants from the industry.

Action Items:
Stan - Organize the Yahoo Group discussion contents on flowcharts
       so we can have an apples-to-apples review.

Tom -  Review the Mac/Linux shell scripts for the Release Management
       XQuery sample app. 

Stan - Contact OASIS Chet Ensign about handling references to 
       proprietary tools or technologies in our OASIS whitepapers.

Stan - Contact Ray Urgo about participating in the modeling 
       process for policies and procedures.

Tom -  Copy the existing Release Management content into the whitepaper
       template so we canb buiold it using the OASIS branding

Dave - Investigate the Apache POI tools that would allow us to
       extract Release management metadata into an Excel spreadhseet.

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