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dita-techcomm message

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Subject: ACTION ITEMS: From 02-02-2015 Meeting

  Combined Adoption / TechComm SC Meeting
In general order of discussion . . . 

Bob - Upload to Kavi the latest XQuery test 
      scripts for Release Management

Stan - Test the XQuery scripts and report

JoAnn - Finish updates to introduction of
        Release Management whitepaper.

Dave - Upload to Kavi the POI plug-in to
       generate Excel data for Release
       Management metadata.

JoAnn - Add comments to Autumn's draft 
        of the MathML/Equation whitepaper.
      - Upload to Kavi.

Team - Add comments to JoAnn's commented 
       copy in Kavi.

JoAnn - Contact Les Burnham (Stilo) and Helen
        Owens-Pope (Stilo) about automated
        conversion options for moving zillions
        of DITA 1.1 URI references into DITA 1.2
        key-based references.
        - DONE: February 2
Stan - Contact Nancy Harrison with a
       fish-or-cut-bait milestone for the
       XML/SVG whitepaper.

Stan - Touch base with Mark on L&T whitepaper;
       provide review submission milestone.

Bob - Update the regulatory prototype based on 
      discussions with Ray Urgo.

Stan - Upload an updated description (diagram) of
       Agile/Scrum inventory items
Stan - Upload to Kavi a summary of the flowchart
       specialization discussion that separates
       the threads.

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