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dita-techcomm message

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Subject: Adoption/TechComm Agenda -- 02-16-2015

             DITA Adoption/TechComm SC Meeting Agenda 
A. Adoption White Papers In Review 

  1. Release Management - Tom Cihak et al. 
     a. Keith Schengili-Roberts: 
        AI/Provide a more complex example 
     b. JoAnn: 
        AI/Continue edits
     c. Dave: 
        AI/Upload a POI plug-in to generate Excel workbooks
           from DITA metadata
     d. Bob:
        AI/Upload to Kavi the latest XQuery sources.
     e. Stan:
        AI/Test the latest XQuery sources

  2. MathML/Equations - Autumn Cellar 
     a. JoAnn:
        AI/Complete edits to MS Word doc and upload 
        to Kavi (DONE)
     b. SC members:
        AI/Add comments to JoAnn's doc (or most recent 
        upload) and resubmit to Kavi.

B. Adoption White Papers In Progress 

  1. XML / SVG - Nancy Harrison 
     a. AI/Stan - check in with Nancy on abilit to 
        deliver first draft by Monday, March 10.
  2. Learning and Training -- Mark Myers (SAP) and 
     Jennifer Gemmell (SAP) 
     - Hunt and Amber Swope to support. 
     a. AI/Stan - check in with Mark and Jennifer 
        about delivering a first draft by March 10. 

C. Adoption White Paper Candidates 

  1. Content Referencing (renamed)
     a. JoAnn:

        AI/Contact Les Burnham (Stilo) and
        Helen Owens-Pope (Stilo) about automated
        conversion options for moving zillions
        of DITA 1.1 URI references into DITA 1.2
        key-based references. (DONE)

        AI/Contact Dawn about the possibilities
        of using her DITA/CMS North America
        presentation as the nucleus of a whitepaper
        on referencing. 

D. Information Modeling 

  1. Regulatory / Policy writing 
     a. Bob:
        AI/Update the regulatory prototype based on 
        discussions with Ray Urgo.

  2. Agile / scrum - 
     a. Stan:
        AI/Upload an updated description (diagram) 
        of Agile/Scrum inventory items
  3. Flowchart specialization(s)
     a. Stan:
        AI/Upload to Kavi a summary of the flowchart
        specialization discussion that separates
        the threads. 

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