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Subject: ACTION ITEMS From 02-16-2015 Meeting

                            ACTION ITEMS FROM
          Combined Adoption / TechComm SC Meeting
In general order of discussion . . . 

Keith - Complete your revision to text and 
            example(s) in the Release Management  

Dave - Review Keith’s revised example and 
           refactor (if necessary) your  work
           with the POI plug-in (DITA-2-Excel).

Jane -          Identify and forward one or more
Jennifer -    DITA sample domains full of 
Bob -          URI-based conrefs and conditional
                  processing logic. Ideally this
                  should be a self-contained pub
                  with no external build or xref
                  dependencies. Les is eager to 
                  do some R&D against these sorts
                  of domains to develop URI-to-key
                  migration tools.

All - Look for examples of large maps that would
        demonstrate how branch filtering and scoped
        keys might be explained in a whitepaper. 

JoAnn - Reforward an article to the group by Chris
            Nitchie on scoped keys. 

All — Evaluate whether this could be the foundation
         of a whitepaper on scoped keys.

Stan - Ping Chris Nitchie re: his willingness to
          expand his article and build out the
          examples in a tutorial format.

JoAnn - Touch base with Leigh White re: a paper
            at DITA/CML N.Amer. on scoped keys.

JoAnn - update the Adoption TC member permissions
             to allow Bob and Stan to edit OASIS wiki
            pages with secretary permissions.
Stan - Update the Adoption TC page on current
          DITA 1.2 whitepapers. 

Stan - Test the XQuery scripts and report

Stan - Touch base with Autumn about moving her 
          whitepaper into DITA format.

Bob - Update the regulatory prototype based on 
         discussions with Ray Urgo.

Stan - Upload an updated description (diagram) of
          Agile/Scrum inventory items

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