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dita-techcomm message

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Subject: ACTION ITEMS: 03-02-2015 Adoption/TechComm Meeting

  Combined Adoption TC / TechComm SC Meeting
In general order of discussion . . . 

JoAnn - Flesh out the "what's new?" feature lists for each
        DITA release.

Keith - Forward the updated Release Management whitepaper to
        lists. DONE

Tom - Review Keith's updates.

Team - Provide Keith with feedback before the next meeting.

Dave - Review Keith’s revised example and refactor (if 
       necessary) your  work with the POI plug-in

Jane -        Identify and forward one or more
Jennifer -    DITA sample domains full of 
Bob -         URI-based conrefs and conditional
              processing logic. Ideally this
              should be a self-contained pub
              with no external build or xref
              dependencies. Les is eager to 
              do some R&D against these sorts
              of domains to develop URI-to-key
              migration tools.

All - Look for examples of large maps that would
      demonstrate how branch filtering and scoped
      keys might be explained in a whitepaper. 

Stan - Send a request to our DITA TC/SC lists for
       these complicated map samples.

Chris - Work the Help whitepaper through the Help
        SC in late-March/early-April.

JoAnn - Contact Chris Nitchie about refreshing and
        publishing his scoped keys whitepaper
        as is (converted to DITA). 
        > This would be a complement to Leigh's 
          tutorial-oriented whitepaper on scoped
Stan - Contact Jang Graat about the current status 
       of his workflow XSLs et al..

Stan - Contact France Baril about teh current status
       of her BPMN-to-DITA XSL.

Stan - Update the Adoption TC page on current
       DITA 1.3 whitepapers. 

Team - Review Bob's updated Regulatory/Policy 

Stan - Upload a draft of his DITA/CMS NAm. paper
       on DITA and Agile.

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