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dita-techcomm message

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Subject: ACTION ITEMS: 03-30-2015 Meeting of Adoption/TechComm

  Combined Adoption TC / TechComm SC Meeting
In general order of discussion . . . 

Keith - Update the Release Management whitepaper
        and forward the notification to both
        the Adoption TC and TechComm SC lists. 

Dave - Review Keith’s revised example and refactor (if 
       necessary) your  work with the POI plug-in
Jane and Jennifer - Forward your sample domain of
       complex conref'd DITA content to JoAnn.

Stan/JoAnn - Confirm with Chris Nitchie that he would be
      OK updating his existing technical presentation
      on scoped keys as an Adoption whitepaper.
JoAnn - Forward the sample domains to Les Burnham
      (Stilo) for review.

Chris - Work the Help whitepaper through the Help
        SC in late-March/early-April.

Stan - Contact Jang Graat about the current status 
       of his workflow XSLs et al..

Stan - Contact France Baril about the current status
       of her BPMN-to-DITA XSL.

Stan - Test the complex DITA map source files:
       > George Bina, Oxygen Users Guide
       > Leif Erickson, TBD 

All - Review Bob's updated Regulatory/Policy model
      and its relation to  a production policies site 
      such as:
      - Society for Human Resource Management

Bob - Review the Adoption TC home page wiki for styling

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